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On GSM call

Solution One thing our users find most frustrating is when their SIP call is interrupted by a call from the Native GSM phone. Unfortunately, we're not able to prevent this from happening, but we have come up with some options that make it more palatable.

Device Capabilities: It's important to note that while an incoming GSM call will always interrupt a SIP call no matter the device, further behavior will depend on the device. iPhone 4 and 3GS users (with the latest iOS version) will often be able to accept the GSM call and still return to the SIP Call. Users with older iPhones will only be able to return to the SIP Call if they decline the GSM call.

The SIP call will always be interrupted by the GSM call, there is no way around this. But we do have some control over what we do when the call is interrupted.

From the keypad, tap on Settings, then Preferences, then Controls. Slide down until you see On GSM Call and tap there. You'll see our options there.

1. do nothing

Acrobits Softphone or Groundwire will do nothing when interrupted by a GSM call. The other party will hear nothing when the call is interrupted until you return. We added this option because some providers do not handle hold very well, our second option.

2. put call on hold

Acrobits Softphone or Groundwire will put the SIP call on hold when interrupted by a GSM call. Whether or not the other party will hear anything depends on whether or not your SIP provider plays hold music or any messages for calls on hold. This is the default setting.

3. play message

You can either play our default message or record your own message to play when the SIP call is interrupted by a GSM call. Our default message gives a short explanation of what is happening to the other party.

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