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caller id - betamax providers


You should be able to enable caller id for virtually any betamax provider (voipcheap, actionvoip, etc.) to work in Acrobits Softphone or Groundwire. But you also need to verify the number you plan to use in their web interface.

We can't give the exact directions, since it will probably vary a little by provider (and there's a lot of betamax providers), but this is the basic process.

Log in to the provider's website online. In the settings somewhere, there should be an option to verify numbers you want to use for caller id. Enter the number you want to use for caller id (generally it will need to be a mobile number since they verify by SMS). Click on the button to verify. You should receive a text to the number you want to use for caller id that includes some code. You will then need to enter that on the website. Now, the provider should show that number as a verified number for you to use as caller id.

Next, you'll need to configure it in Acrobits Softphone or Groundwire.

Tap on settings, then SIP Accounts, then the SIP Account. Tap on advanced settings. Enter the number you verified exactly as it appears on the betamax provider's website in the field marked 'caller id'. On the iOS version, you'll also need to make sure the caller id method is 'from username'. Then the people you call should see this number in their caller id.

Notes: This works for the majority of numbers you may call, but there might still be a few it does not work properly for. For example, where we have tested it it works for landlines and 2 out of 3 cellular providers, but one cellular provider continued to show blocked call in the caller id. This does not indicate any issue with the Softphone or Groundwire, but some incompatibility between the caller id method and the provider of the phone number you are calling. Also, you may need to enter the number in a couple of formats to find the right one for your provider (e.g. international format with a +, international format with 00, etc.)

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