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Setting up your own rate check web service


The account XML parameters to set up the rate checker web service are:



genericRateCheckUrl - the URL to use. In case of GET method, the parameters need to be using placeholders. Example below:[username]%&p=%account[password]%&targetNumber=%targetNumber%


genericRateCheckPostData - POST parameters, which will be passed using the "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" content type. The same placeholders may be used for this property. In case this property is empty, GET method will be used, otherwise POST is used.


Supported placeholders:

%account[propertyName]% - will be replaced with the account XML field with name "propertyName". The most useful properties are "username" and "password", which hold the SIP username and password, and "host", which hold the SIP domain.


Note: the property name "password" may only be used if the genericRateCheckUrl is using the https: scheme. The app will not send plaintext password in the parameter. If you must use plaintext http and need some authentication, we allow SHA1 of the password to be sent. You can specify it as: %sha1(%account[password]%)%


%targetNumber% - will be replaced with the destination number, as it is dialed. This parameter will probably be always present.


Expected response:


The "rateString" is shown as-is if the "error" parameter is 0 (or missing at all). 

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